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A Succesful Team Beats With One Heart

DO DESIGN is a fresh and dynamic combining highly skilled craftsmen with a creative and vibrant interior design team. These merits are coupled with the utmost qualified financial expertise, We demand the highest credentials and skills and our aim is to provide the very best, delivering interiors that are elegant as well as functional.


We pride ourselves on the professionalism of our employees, along with the opportunity provided to each individual to develop both their entrepreneurial and design skill: This unique enterprise embraces development, vision, and creativity.


DO DESIGN quickly established a reputation synonymous with creativity and resourcefulness.

Design Thinking

Design Thinking as a Strategy for Innovation

Design Concept

Creation of more state will bring development.


A Bit of Us

DO Design Projects’ Achievements


Residential Projects


Commercial Projects


Custom Made


Every successful busniess leaded by a talent founder, this also same to the Do Design. Do Design Founder is Dennis Ong, he was creative designer work in this industry more than 10 years experience.


Clever planning, reconfiguration and color specification reflects calm and light giving an illusion of increased volume; each project is unique, inspiring and calm the ethos of an interior designed by Dennis Ong.


By the way, Do Design take this chance to say thank you to Mr. Kelvin Chan for the photo shooting session for all Do Design projects.

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